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COVID-19 Care Assistant

If you’re finding it hard to access information for coronavirus, or are self-isolating, we’re here to help.

Meet Ask A&E’s free COVID-19 Care Assistant, powered by Babylon. It helps make it easier for you to take care of yourself and the ones you love.

Check your symptoms now

Designed by doctors using the latest guidance

The COVID-19 Care Assistant offers free information from NHS doctors and clinicians. You can access it through the Royal Wolverhampton Trust website.

Here’s how it can help you, in 4 easy steps.

Step 1

Get the latest information

The COVID-19 Care Assistant gives you continually-updated information about coronavirus.

Topics like how to self-isolate and how to take care of someone with coronavirus. Our information comes from NHS doctors and Public Health England.

Step 2

Access a symptom checker and live chat

The symptom checker has the ability to recognise what might be COVID-19 symptoms and suggest possible next steps. You can access the symptom checker via the website and use the live chat feature to ask questions and receive answers from a member of our team.

Step 3

Receive a Care Plan

After you receive information about your symptoms, the COVID-19 Care Assistant will give you a Care Plan, based on the latest guidance.

After downloading the Babylon app, you’ll get daily notifications to track your symptoms, including your temperature, information for the 14-day isolation and general tips for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Step 4

Speak to a healthcare expert

The COVID-19 Care Assistant allows you to have a video consultation with a clinician via the website. After you enter your symptoms into the symptom checker, it will indicate possible next steps.

But, if you believe you need to speak to a healthcare professional, you can book a video consultation. You can do all of this within the website or by downloading the Babylon app.