Career Wellbeing
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Career Wellbeing is concerned with how we feel about the work we do. Sometimes, we do not realise the huge effect that career wellbeing can have on our overall wellbeing levels. If we feel that we enjoy what we do, and we feel connected to our jobs then we are more likely to feel as though we are thriving, as opposed to simply surviving.

We spend so much of our daily lives working and therefore it’s really important that we do something that we look forward to, something that stimulates us, and provides a good deal of job satisfaction.

At RWT we believe that great jobs must be built on good foundations and we will strive to provide a safe working environment, beyond health and safety requirements providing for safe staff space, access to water and food, changing rooms.  These hygiene factors are, however, seen as key building blocks for creating the conditions for enhanced wellbeing of staff. 

In addition to this, we will ensure access to high quality development underpinned by the appraisal process. Within this section you will find information about the training opportunities within the Trusts Health & Wellbeing Offer that can help to improve your career wellbeing. Please click through to see what’s on offer!

  • Become a Mental Health First Aider (MHFAider)
    Being a MHFAider will not teach you to be a therapist, but it will teach you how to reassure someone that is experiencing a mental health difficulty and it will give you the skills and confidence to signpost to relevant support services. Please note, there is a waiting list for this course, when course dates are made available they are circulated to those within the waiting list, places are offered to this group on a first come first serve basis
  • Become a Health & Wellbeing Champion (H&WBC)
    A H&WBC is a voluntary role undertaken by staff at the Trust. H&WBC’s work to promote health and wellbeing to those around them. They help to create good days at work by brining health and wellbeing to life in their departments. Full training is available for this role
    RESPOND is a training course that can give you the skills, confidence, and knowledge to have an effective wellbeing conversation with your colleagues. This course is aimed at all staff from all grades, backgrounds, and cultures.
  • People Development Courses
    The Trust offers all staff a range of people development courses which aim to support and facilitate the development of self and others to help each individual reach his/her full potential
    • Please refer to the staff Trustnet site for the latest course details and booking information.

  • Onsite Re-charge rooms
    The Trust has established a number of recharge rooms at its hospital sites. Re-charge rooms are safe, quiet spaces that have been designed for rest, recharge, and relaxation. Please visit the staff intranet to locate your local re-charge room.

  • Psychological First Aid
    Aims to give you the basic skills to support someone who requires psychological first aid. Please note this course is not the same as Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)
  • Staff websites (internal-only)
    There’s lots of training and support available within RWT, please visit:
    • Trustnet: Jobs and Careers>Centralised Resourcing department
    • Trustnet: Critical Care education and training
    • My Academy training site