Social/Community Wellbeing
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Community/Social Wellbeing is all about how individuals engage within their local community. We are committed to supporting individuals to engage in community activity and will, where service needs permit, enable individuals to work flexibly in support of their community activities.

As a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic many of us may have found that our community/social wellbeing was heavily impacted due to the isolation that came as a result of the government restrictions in place. And, although restrictions have been easing of recent, many of us may still find that our community/social wellbeing has been compromised. At RWT we are committed to supporting community/social wellbeing and we have adapted the ways in which we do this in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that we face in order to continue to support staff.

Within this section you will find information about how the Trusts Health & Wellbeing Offer can help to support your community/social wellbeing. Please click through to see what’s on offer!

  • LBGT+ Employee Voice Group
    The LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender+) Employee Voice Group aims to support LGBT+ employees and raise awareness of issues in the workplace.
  • Disability & Long-Term Conditions Employee Voice Group
    The DALTC Group raises awareness on key disability matters
  • Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Employee Voice Group
    The BAME Employee Voice Group is a network for employees to feel involved and listened to; providing staff with the ability to celebrate each other and contribute their experiences and ideas to promote equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Carers Employee Voice Group
    The Carers Employee Voice Group has been launched for all staff within the Trust who have caring responsibilities or wish to support their fellow carers
  • Health & Wellbeing Employee Voice Group
    The Health and Wellbeing Employee Voice Group is for all staff who have wish to take a proactive step in improving health & wellbeing within the Trust.
  • Schwartz Rounds
    Schwartz Rounds provide a structured monthly one-hour forum for staff from all disciplines to discuss difficult emotional and social issues that arise in caring for patients. The purpose of the Rounds is not to solve problems, but to explore the human and emotional aspects of the experience of delivering care and the challenges that staff face from day to day. Rounds can help staff feel more supported in their jobs, to give them the time and space to reflect on their roles which they might not otherwise have in their everyday routines on busy hospital wards